The Commissary Syrups



The Commissary Syrups

Logos  |  Packaging  |  Graphic Design  |  Photography


The Commissary are cocktail syrups made by Melbourne couple Paul and Tess Ramsay. These syrups needed a premium feel in order to go up against their global competition, but also needed to show that it was still a simple local brand.

Part of their requirements was a black and white label that stood out on any back bar. They had already chosen the bottles, so space was limited in order for greatest impact.



Moodboard  |  Concept Development


After going through the brief given to me by Paul and Tess, I created a moodboard from images I came across that Met the design aesthetics.

From there, I looked for design commonalities throughout the board that i could use for the commissary brand - geometric graphics and bold lettering were key.

Once a logo was decided on, I worked on the labels for the syrup bottles and business cards.